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Enemy Statistics
Species Unknown
Locations Guardian of Qora's house
Health 500
Energy None
Offense 350
Defense 150
Power None
Resistance None
Agility 100
Luck 30
Actions Attack (None), Thunder, Shout
Strong Against None
Weak Against None
Experience 300
Sers 300
Items Loudmouth Card

Loudmouth is an mini-boss in Power Master 1: A Strange Journey. It is found in the Guardian of Qora's basement and makes a lot of loud noises, causing Qora to stay awake. In order to receive the Qora Gem from Qora, Loudmouth must be defeated.

Card Info[edit]

Name: Loudmouth
Health: 500
Attack: 350
Defense: 150
A very loud creature of unknown origin who made its home in the basement of Qora's house. Prevents Qora from sleeping. Is disturbing to look at.



  • When Alex told his brother about Loudmouth, he gave him no direction other than it "has a big mouth."[1]