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Status: Very active.
Current project: Working on wiki build up and Power Master: A Strange Journey MV.
This is an image Stephan, drawn by Mark Kelly, though some of you may know him as FryGuy64. It, along with eleven other pieces drawn by him, was part of a subscriber bonus to the NF Magazine.
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My name is Alexander Bodine and I am both the creator of the Power Master series and this wiki. I have so many ideas for the game, so much so that a wiki is the only thing that can keep them all straight.

Power Master began around 2009, after playing many Nintendo games and wanting to make my own. I hope you enjoy the work that's been put into the game and looking forward to things to come!

You may also know me from other wikis. I'm under "Alex95", "PowerMasterAlex", "Power Master", and "Powmas" in various places.

I started commissions! Let me know if you want me to draw something for you!

Site for everything I do!

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Some Wiki Stats

There are currently 577 pages and 22 registered users on the wiki.